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Sister Lakes Cable brings the full power of the Internet to your computer using an always-on cable connection. With Sister Lakes Cable High Speed Internet, you get the Internet at speeds much faster than using other means of internet access.
The Sister Lakes Cable High Speed Internet service provides all the features your family needs to enjoy the web, including:
Multiple e-mail addresses
24/7/365 Technical Support via telephone and email
Access to newsgroups
Space for your own web site
All of this speed will deliver the Internet as it should be. It will give you a whole new realm of content and experiences. Watch video on demand, listen to CD quality content or play all the latest games on-line in real time!


Cable Modem

A cable modem is needed as the link between the cable coming out of your wall and the connection to your computer. A cable modem allows high-speed access to the Internet via a cable TV (CATV) network. Cable modem must be DOCSIS certified. Cable modems are conveniently available through your local electronics retailer.
Cable modems are available from your local cable company.

Minimum System Requirements

Your computer must have certain components. These are as follows:
Operating System: Window 7+ , MacOS 9.0+
Internet Browser: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari
Network Interface Card (NIC): Wireless Adapter

Network Interface Card
You will need to have a NIC (network interface card) or Ethernet interface in your computer. Cards can be purchased and installed at most local computer stores. Costs should range from $15 and up.


Along with blazing speeds and an always-on connection to the Internet, Sister Lakes Cable High Speed Internet will provide you with…
Internet E-mail
E-mail is the main method of communication over the Internet. In order for e-mail to work, you need to have an e-mail address and know the e-mail address of the person that you wish to correspond with. Typically an e-mail address will appear in the form of someone@an-internet-service-provider.com. For example, if your name was John Smith your email address could be john_smith@www.sisterlakescable.com.
Internet News
Internet newsgroups are forums for public discussion. It is usually easiest to think of them as a collection of bulletin boards each hosting a different topic of discussion. There are literally thousands of news groups and they cover an extremely wide range of topics, such as professional sports, technology, automobiles, gardening, and cooking.
Personal Webspace

You will receive twenty megabytes of space for your personal web page. For instructions on how to set it up, click here.
Sister Lakes Cable has a dedicated 24/7/365 Technical Support Call Center and online support available at no extra cost to you. (Help contacts)

Contact Customer Service to arrange an installation appointment or for further information on any of our service packages.
Customer Service Contact Information:
Phone: 269-424-5737 
Email: cs@sisterlakescable.com

With CableOp Service high-speed Internet you will quickly learn why it is actually called the World Wide Web as you discover that the world of information is immediately at your fingertips.
Cable Internet access vastly outperforms most other common means of connecting to the Internet and will enable you to experience the best of what the web has to offer at the speeds it is designed to utilize.
Modem speeds are measured in kilobits per second (Kbps). To convert to kilobytes per second (KB/sec.), divide by eight – note the spelling “bits” vs “bytes”. In the table below, each modem speed is shown along with the theoretical time required to download a 1 MB file, assuming the full transfer speed was achieved. Please keep in mind that these speeds are the theoretical possible speeds. Regardless of your Internet Service Provider, overhead and other natural inefficiencies of the Internet (such as web site server lag and general Internet congestion) often reduce actual performance by 5 percent to 20 percent for all users.

What does my MB mean and how long does it take to down load a file?????
Download speed calculator

ITEM Size (MB) 4Mbps 8Mbps 16Mbps 32Mbps 50Mbps
Single song 5 10s 5s 2.5s 1.25s 0.8s
YouTube clip (LQ) 10 20s 10s 5s 2.5s 1.6s
YouTube clip (HQ) 50 1m 40s 50s 25s 12.5s 8s
Album (HQ) 100 3m 20s 1m 40s 50s 25s 16s
TV Show (HQ) 450 15m 7m 30s 3m 45s 1m 52s 1m 12s
Film (LQ) 700 23m 20s 11m 40s 5m 50s 2m 55s 1m 52s
Film (HQ) 1500 50m 25m 30s 12m 30s 6m 15s 4m
Film (full DVD) 4500 2h 30m 1h 15m 37m 30s 18m 45s 9m 22s
Film (BluRay) 10,000 5h 35m 2h 47m 1h 24m 42m 26m 40s
High Speed Internet and Cable TV of the Highest Quality.