Sister Lakes Cable fiber to the home rollout.

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Check back for updates as they are available. Updates will be available on our Facebook page here.

Announcing the beginning of a new generation of connectivity for the community of Sister Lakes and Keeler.  We are proud to announce we have begun the process of rebuilding and updating our network to be able to provide a fiber to the home solution. This solution will provide the cutting edge advancements of fiber optics to provide high speed data, voice and video services to the immediate area and to outlying areas.

What is fiber to the home?  Fiber optic cables use light to deliver data, voice and video to your home truly at the speed of light. Why choose fiber to the home?  Fiber delivery is more robust and has higher capacities than traditional cable.  Fiber is not impacted by power outages like traditional cable.  When can I get fiber at my home?  We have currently started placing new fiber cables in some areas while we are completing our designs and mapping of other areas.  These areas will be activated as splicing starts and service drops are ran to your homes.  Our staff will reach out directly to current customers and begin the process of coordinating the conversion to fiber. New customers will be scheduled at or around the same time as areas become serviceable.  How do I get updates on where fiber is available? How do I know when it is available for my location?  Follow us on Facebook or check our website as we add coverage maps for this  area. 

Map as of 12/31/2021

Here is a map of the first areas that are going to be built.

AS of 4/4/2022 this is our current fiber service area.
The blue area is the area that fiber will be available Mid May 2022
This is the schedule build area for late summer early fall of 2022
This is our scheduled build area for the winter of 2022/23

10/1/2021 Fiber Speeds and Pricing

Light Speed 100   100MB Up/Down $49.95 No Data Caps

Light Speed 250   250MB Up/Down $64.95 No Data Caps

Light Speed 500   500MB Up/Down $74.95 No Data Caps

Light Speed 750 750MBUp/Down $84.95 No Data Caps

Light Speed Gig    1GB Up/Down  $99.95 No Data Caps

Light Speed X2     1GB Up /2.5GB Down $199.95  No Data Caps

Fiber buildout updates as of 12/23/2021

Update on the fiber build out. Splicing in the area of Phase 1 Adams and Haley is complete. Testing and installations are Happening in Phase 1. Phase 2 construction on 95th, Wildwood and Park Ave. is complete. Splicing has been completed. Testing and Installations will start in January Phase 3 County Line/Karl Street and West Lakeshore construction has been completed. Splicing has been started and is about half completed. Phase 4 Sunrise/Center Street area has had the constructions side finished, Splicing has been started in a few areas. Phase 5 the Garret Road and Swisher Street area, construction is about 40% complete. Phase 6 94th Ave and Woodland Beach are is the mapping and design phase. Construction will start in February weather permitting.