Master Price List

2022 Master Price List

DOCIS Broadband Internet
Residential 18MB Down-2MB UP $51.95
Bronze 35MB Down-3MB UP $70.00
Silver 50MB Down-5Up $85.00
Gold 100MB Down-8Up $139.00
Install Fee $40.00
Cable Modem Rental $5.00
Cable Modem Purchase Non Wireless $50.00
Cable Modem Purchase Wireless $125.00
Fiber Broadband Internet
LightSpeed100 100MB Down-100MB Up $49.95
LightSpeed250 250MB Down-250MB Up $64.95
LightSpeed500 500MB Down-500MB Up $74.95
LightSpeed750 750MB Down-750MB Up $84.95
LightSpeed1Gig 1GB Down-1GB Up $99.95
Non Wireless Modem Rental (ONT) $5.00/Month
Wireless Modem Rental with Remote Support $8.00/Month
New Customer Install Price ( No Fiber Present) $100.00
Converting DOCIS Customer N/C
Restart Service (reconnection fee) $10.00
Video Services
Life Line (includes 1 Box) $29.95
Basic (includes 1 Box) $99.03
Basic + Expanded $131.53
Seasonal Basic $60.49
Seasonal Expanded $92.99
Other Fee’s
Additional Standard Receiver $5.00/Month
DVR (Billed per DVR) $10.00/Month
Standard Receiver Deposit $25.00
DVR Deposit $75.00
Installation $40.00
Additional Cable Outlets    (Tech to set Time) $40.00/hour
Underground Trenching (must be quoted) $4.00/ft
Underground Bore (must be quoted) TBD