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Category: Fiber Install Materials
Date Added: 08/06/2022 11:41 PM
Date Updated: 01/08/2024 5:18 PM

“TheNID” Indoor/Outdoor Wall Mount Fiber Patch Panel, gray plastic, holds 1 LGX Adapter plate, can splice up to 12 single fibers, internal cable management, can clamp on round or flat cable, ground lug pre installed, can handle up to 1 inch conduit. TheNID 1 simplex SC (SC APC included), duplex LC or 1 MTP adaptor.

Lead Time 2 Weeks
Manufacturer: Total Cable Solutions
Number: FPP-TN-E-85
Part Number: FPP-TN-E-85
Quantity: 10
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Vendor: Advance Media Technologies

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